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Your support of WVPE makes it possible for you to hear the news of the day that impacts your life. Please consider becoming a sustaining member with a monthly gift.  A sustaining membership helps us budget and plan for the future while allowing you to make small monthly gifts that fit into your budget. 

If you are currently a sustaining member of WVPE and want to change your level of giving or update your card information please call us at 574-262-5823.

WVPE is non-profit and your donation is tax deductible.



Show your support of WVPE by making a one-time gift. 

If you prefer to give by mail please send your check to:

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WVPE members rely on us during these difficult times.

"I love the great programming and appreciate unbiased news with intelligent, measured discussion."

Patrick of Mishawaka

"I love all the programming. It's my main source of news and current events."

Jane of Cassopolis

"WVPE starts everyday for me with the news of the day. I trust what I hear on NPR."

Marcia of Goshen

Simplify your giving by becoming a Sustaining Member!

You become an 88.1 WVPE Sustaining Member when you contribute by credit card in monthly or quarterly installments.

  • Your credit card will be charged in installments as you choose.
  • Your membership will be automatically renewed each year.
  • You can increase, decrease, stop, or change payment method at any time by calling the station.
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  • You will help reduce postage, paper and administrative costs.
  • You will provide steady, reliable support for 88.1 WVPE.

Please choose monthly or quarterly installments above. 

If you are already a sustainer and need to update your credit card information please call WVPE Membership Manager Tom Sibal at 888-399-9873, x5823.


More than 42% of our members are Sustaining Members. Here are more reasons why listeners like you become sustaining members:

"I enjoy the thoughtful conversations about national and world topics and I'm always inspired by the stories on Ted Radio Hour and This American Life." Linda of Mishawaka, IN.

"An oasis for balanced information that I rely on to be a well informed citizen." Bob of Osceola, IN.

"WVPE/NPR is truly the only news and information outlet that should be believed. You provide the facts, not the fluff.  Well done, keep up the fantastic and necessary work." Stephen of New Carlisle, IN.

"WVPE is my umbilical cord to the larger world beyond my isolated home." Sarah of Mendon, MI.


If you want to make a One-Time or Additional Gift, select the One-time Gift button above. When giving monthly or quarterly, choose the level of your support. The amount shown on that page is the minimum at that level. You can increase your level of support by adding in a dollar amount of your choosing in the box below the minimum dollar amount listed. You can also select your own amount by clicking on the"other" box and filling in the amount you wish to give. The amount listed in the "other" box is the minimum you may give either monthly or quarterly. Your first payment will be made today. Subsequent payments will be billed on or about the 15th of the month. Since this is a Sustaining Membership, please leave the "ending" box blank. If you have questions please contact Tom Sibal at 888-399-9873, x5823 or

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Thank you for your support of WVPE.  WVPE is non-profit and funded in large part by listeners just like you. More than 50% of our revenue comes from about 6,000 individuals like you who truly believe we offer the best programming in Michiana. Your support helps fund the costs associated with bringing you national shows like Morning Edition and Marketplace. Your gifts also make it possible for us to pay the salaries of our local reporters that bring you the information that is important to you. Join these listeners if you believe that independent media is vitally important to you and the community. Donate today. It's easy, and it feels good! WVPE is the station that informs, entertains and inspires.



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